Maitre’D DataBoard Mobile Application

Ever wondered what people were viewing on their smart phone? Perhaps they’re catching up with friends on social media, checking the weather or perhaps it’s a business owner travelling to a meeting and wondering how his business is performing back home. Well, as it turns out, business is quite good for him tonight. Promotions are popular. Percentage of labour cost to revenue is below average. Everyone came to work on time. They’re not selling as much house red as usual, but the white is selling stronger (as is shellfish which would explain it).

Curious about how he’s doing this? He’s viewing his business metrics through the Maitre’D DataBoard mobile application. He’s viewing it on his iPhone, but it works on iPad and any Android phone or tablet.

With the DataBoard mobile app, you get hold of critical operational information no matter where you are—without calling into the restaurant and without distracting staff and shop managers from their work.

On the home screen he can see summaries for salescustomersstafflabour cost percentagevoids and promotions. He drills down on Sales. There: every item the restaurant offers, showing the pound amount sold, and the contribution to total revenue. One thing from the home screen attracted his attention: the Voids. He touches and swipes his way to that section. Now he sees how much each waiting staff is voiding; tonight one waiter is doing most of it. That number seems very high to him. Maybe it’s a new employee…

DataBoard lets you set up alerts for when anything important happens—positive or not. In this case, it was the number of Voids exceeding an upper threshold. It could be reaching a revenue point for a promotion, too few employees clocked in for the number of customers – you can define an alert for any of the metrics that DataBoard reports on.

It’s very easy to get set up with DataBoard. For a small fee, you have a yearly subscription for an unlimited number of users, and the app itself is a free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. All the set up can be done in 3 easy steps.

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