Maitre’D POS software for bar and nightclubs ensures that your customers get the quick service they want, while you get the inventory and cash accountability you need. This specialized bar POS system is easy to learn and use with fully customizable order screens.

What We Offer

  • Fast close tender keys mean faster transaction times
  • Fast bar capability ensures fast item ordering for high levels of activity.
  • Open a tab with the customer’s name simply by swiping their credit card
  • Customer names can be used instead of table or check numbers, which helps to keep track of tabs or regular customers
  • Easily transfer tabs to tables
  • Order another round with the touch of a button
  • Schedule Happy Hour pricing to go on and off automatically
  • Cocktail recipes can be displayed or printed for training or customer inquiries
  • Integrated payment processing (fully PCI compliant)
  • Reporting and business analytics that allow you to be proactive and take action in real-time to help cut costs and losses, and monitor profit margins

Increase security and control

  • The bar POS interface provides a direct link to an electronic liquor control device, which measures and dispenses all liquors and beverages and reports all bar actions
  • Run comparative sales reports to easily find any discrepancies between liquor poured and sales registered in the POS system
  • Magnetic card readers or biometrics can be used for employee logon for increased security
  • Cash management features; employee deposits can be made from the workstation at any time, reducing the risk of lost / stolen cash and ensuring more accurate accounting
  • Maitre’D offers a real time inventory system that provides up-to-date inventory counts 24 hours a day

Back-office Features

  • Sophisticated sales forecasting tools that help better plan labour scheduling and inventory replenishment
  • Labour management
  • Inventory management and replenishment
  • Cash management features

Interfaces and integrations that further automate your operations and increase productivity, such as:

  • Accounting and payroll interfaces (QuickBooks, AccPac, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.)
  • Liquor control devices (Berg, BevCheck, Beersaver, Scannabar, etc.)
  • Online reservation solutions (Opentable, ResDiary, Bookenda)
  • Camera surveillance systems (TVS, Remote Eyes)
  • E-commerce solutions (Sysco)

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