Posera Maitre'D POS point of sale software partner

Spoonity is a loyalty rewards platform that enables your business to combine your loyalty rewards program and gift cards into a single card, tag or smartphone application. Customers can register, track points and add money to their mobile wallets directly through your website or a smartphone application that we create for you. Points can be awarded for items purchased, dollars spent or number of visits. The process is simple for customers and staff, which keeps your business running smoothly.

Spoonity also makes it simple to manage promotions and analyze customer data through an easy-to-use merchant dashboard. You can drive traffic to your business using email or text messages. All data are updated in real time, providing you with comprehensive reporting on loyalty spending, gift card sales and total sales. Each of our services is affordable, has a clear pricing structure and has been proven to improve retention and loyalty.

Customers that are currently using the joint solution (integrated with Maitre’D):
Bridgehead Coffeehouse (15 locations)

Products and version

Spoonity fully supports all loyalty rewards program and gift card functionality offered through Maitre’D. A customer picks up a card or tag or downloads your smartphone application and scans it on a scanner at the point of sale. The customer can scan in at any point during a transaction, after which a small notification window appears on the terminal containing the customer’s information, including his or her name, gift card balance, favourite order and any available rewards. The transaction is then completed as usual and the notification window hides automatically. Designed specifically for Maitre’D, the integrated process is simple, quick and effective.

Other products and services

  • Loyalty rewards program
  • Gift cards
  • Email and mobile marketing
  • Mobile wallet payment system
  • Customer feedback with star ratings and written comments
  • Smartphone applications specifically tailored to your business
  • Real-time, comprehensive reporting on sales delivered through our proprietary Atlas platform

Website: https://www.spoonity.com/

Support Hours

24/7 technical support


  • 80 Aberdeen Street, Suite 100
    Ottawa, ON
    K1S 5R5

  • Phone: 1-855-531-0078