CHK PLZ gives you the freedom and convenience to split & pay your bar and restaurant bill right from your own phone, without ever waiting for the bill. With CHK PLZ, there’s no more awkward waiting or trying to flag down your waiter when you’re ready to pay. Just SPLIT, TIP and DIP at any of our participating locations!

We are proud to introduce our new online-ordering platform allowing you to order from your favourite local spots.

How CHK PLZ is reimagining payments for you :

• View your bill in real-time through the app as soon as you order with your waiter.

• Split your bill with friends in any way – be it an item or the whole meal.

• Pay your bill at your convenience without ever having to wait for a payment terminal.

• Keep track of all your receipts through the app.

• Enter custom promo codes to get discounts at any of our participating locations.

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