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A great selection of merchants

Search our wide selection of local businesses and make your reservations

Save with exclusive offers

Browse through Bookenda and access a host of interesting deals tailored just for you by the merchants and restaurants in your area. Enjoy!

Reward yourself

Collect points and reward yourself at your favorite stores. Spoil yourself with discounts, freebies, or gifts. Making a reservation is all you need to increase your points and get more by sharing with your Bookenda, Facebook, or Twitter friends.


Share with your friends

Manage your life like never before. The Bookenda calendar lets you plan your personal activities and make them accessible to the people around you. Invite them to your events or add them to your appointments and reservations. Then, share your calendars with your friends, family, colleagues, and social networks (Facebook, Twitter).

Absolutely free

Browse through our site and find your favourite places. Make an appointment or reservation online. All of these features are offered at no cost! Manage your calendar and share your appointments with your friends for free. Earn rewards. Bookenda will never cost you anything!

Convenient. Every time.

Make an appointment or a reservation anywhere at anytime. You can find a merchant from your mobile or computer, book instantly, add your event to your calendar, and share with your friends. Got a last-minute opening? Bookenda finds nearby merchants’s newly freed spots that fit in your calendar.

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With Bookenda, you can run a quick search throughout thousands of restaurants, merchants, and professionals. Using our free mobile application, find businesses and restaurants near you.


Make an appointment at a nearby dealer or make a booking at your favorite restaurant anytime—instantly and for free. You will instantly receive a confirmation email. The event is added to your agenda and you get an automated reminder prior to your event.



Share your calendars with your friends and family. Manage your schedule efficiently by only sharing your availabilities or by making all your appointments visible to the people you select. You can even plan group activities and send your invitations via Bookenda, email, Facebook, or Twitter.


Instant rebates

Several restaurants, spas, and health care professionals offer attractive bargains. No coupons, nothing to print, nothing to forget. When you book, your rebate or discount is automatically saved to your Bookenda account and in the merchant’s Bookenda reservation system.



Discover the restaurants and merchants who offer Bookenda points and reward yourself at your favorite stores. Look for Bookenda Deals and find lots of interesting deals while earning Bookenda points. Twice the benefits!


Bookenda Deals

Be on the lookout for Bookenda Deals. Depending on your location or preferences, you’ll see some interesting suggestions to help you save money. Bookenda also suggests offers based on your recent activities. Click, book, and save.

Appointment Management

Check the availability of your favorite businesses and professionals, and fit them with the free time slots in your calendar. Check your friends’ availabilities with their calendars before setting up an appointment, a meeting, or an activity: everything to help you better manage your time!


When you make an appointment or a reservation, you get an instant confirmation. No need to make any confirmation calls!



Have a busy schedule and a million things on your mind? Let Bookenda help you with its automatic reminders.



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