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Bevchek. a North American technology company with corporate offices in the United states and Canada, has designed and developed the first and real-time, web-based draft beer management system which provides operators and managers with a simplified data reporting mechanism that highlights slippage and data trends on a minute-by-minute basis. This dynamic beer inventory management and data monitoring System, addresses the need for hospitality operators to increase their bottom line through more economically efficient internal monitoring and controls. The Bevchek System transmits on-site sales and flow data to a management information system that is accessible through the internet, at customized user access levels. From store level, real-time variance reports to corporate-level instant data collection and projected trend reports, Bevchek can increase your business’s gross profits up to 20%.



  • Bevchek: Version 7.1

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24 hours day, 7 days a week.


  • Bevchek Global Systems Inc.
    17431 Alico Center Rd.Suite
    FortMyers, FL

  • Phone: 877-707-9020