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Akela™ revolutionizes retail loyalty program management by replacing traditional loyalty and gift cards with a multi-vendor, smartphone-based e-card system.

Anyone can register as an Akela member by downloading the free smartphone app, which displays a unique, scannable barcode or QR code on the user’s screen. Instantly, the user replaces the collection of traditional cards with a single “e-card”, valid for use across all merchants participating in the Akela network.

To join a vendor’s loyalty program, an Akela member presents the smartphone to the cashier during checkout. The cashier scans the barcode and adds the user to the store’s program. On all future purchases, the user collects or redeems loyalty points directly through the smartphone.

Vendor gift cards can be purchased through the Akela system.  At the POS terminal, the clerk can check the gift card balance, use part or all of the gift card balance to pay for part or all of the purchase, and void gift card redemptions transactions.

As a merchant, joining the Akela community means that you quickly create your loyalty program tailored to your needs, you know your customers better, and you advertise your program to the community.

Website: http://www.goakela.com


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  • Le Bifthèque, 6705 Chemin de la Côte de Liesse, Saint-Laurent (Montreal), QC:
  • JayC’s Restaurant Bar, 6202 Chemin Chambly, Saint Hubert, QC:

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