560 RT

Maitre'D point of sale terminal hardware part

Technical Specifications Model 560 RT Series Processor VIA 733Mhz RAM 128MB SODIMM; Up to 1GB LCD Screen 12.1″ TFT (800×600); Dual Bulb Touchscreen Sealed Resistive Membrane Serial Ports 4 external, 2 can be powered +5/12 VDC USB Ports 3 external USB 2.0 Networking 10/100 Base-T, Wireless LAN (Internal Mini PCI 802.11g”Optional”) Storage Support 3.5″ H.D. and Type 1 Compact Flash Up to 1GB OS Support XP, 2000, 98, DOS, Embedded XP (XPe), CE.NET, Magnetic Card Reader Track I, II, III (optional) Customer Display Option; Supports Serial VFD & LCD Types

The 500 series from J2 sets the new benchmark for integrated thin/thick client touchscreen systems by delivering a low cost solution without sacrificing reliability and performance.

To switch from HDD to Compact flash 1. Reboot the terminal and enter the BIOS by pressing DEL when prompted. 2. Proceed to Integrated Peripherals 3. Proceed to On Chip IDE. 4. Change on Chip IDE Channel 10 to Enable. 5. 4. make sure to ha

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