Maitre'D point of sale terminal hardware part

Processor VIA 733Mhz RAM 128MB SODIMM LCD Screen 12.1″ TFT (800×600); Dual Bulb Touchscreen Sealed Resistive Membrane Serial Ports 4 external, 2 can be powered +5/12 VDC USB Ports 3 external USB 2.0 Networking 10/100 Base-T, Storage Support 3.5″ H.D. and Type 1 Compact Flash Up to 1GB Magnetic Card Reader Track I, II, III (optional)

The versatile 500ex series is configurable as a Thin Client for Microsoft Embedded Operating Systems such as CE .NET and XPe which adds reliability by eliminating unecessary moving parts such as fans and rotating media (Hard Disk Drives). A Hard Disk

make sure to have active sync disabled

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