Maitre’D systems include over-the-phone installation support.  Installations must be done by scheduled appointment, to schedule an installation please call 1 206 364 8686.  Typically an install will take no longer than 2 hours.  By the end of the install merchants will have a fully functional POS system and will be ready to run credit cards.

Installation Prerequisites

  • An electrical outlet must be supplied at each Point of Sale Station as well as each Kitchen Printer location with proper surge protection.
  • High Speed Internet must be supplied at the system router location (a Posera supplied router is included with the Main Station Bundle).  Dial-up and/or wireless will not work. Internet should be sourced directly from a modem and not through another router.
  • Ethernet cable must be run from each POS Station and kitchen printer location to the NetGear router (Internet) location.  Be sure to use only the CAT5E 568B Standard (RJ45 Ethernet Cable).  CAT5E 568A will not operate the system properly.

Onsite Installation

Onsite installation is available for an additional fee.  If you would like to take advantage of our onsite installation option please contact us at 1 206 364 8686.

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