Posera’s Maitre’D POS is a full service, feature-rich solution that works in all environments such as fine and casual dining, table service, hotels, family restaurants and quick service.


What We Offer

POS Solutions and Back-Office

  • Traditional or tablet-based POS
  • Integrated transaction processing and gift cards
  • Powerful reporting, forecasting
  • Inventory management
  • Labor management & scheduling
  • Loyalty programs
  • Cash management
  • And more…


Mobile Apps

  • Key Performance Indicators presented in a dashboard
  • Get real-time data on sales, labor costs, voids and promotions
  • Receive customized, real-time alerts to act immediately when required
  • Ability to set up and monitor any number of restaurants





Enterprise Solutions

  • Multi-concept management
  • Database & quality control
  • Broadcasting/Database management
  • Global reporting with drill-down capability and ability to customize reports




KDS Kitchen Video Display System

  • Solution for quick service and table service establishments
  • Our kitchen video display system is fully integrated with Maitre’D and affordable




Interfaces & Integrations

  • Online scheduling
  • Sysco e-commerce interface
  • Accounting & payroll interfaces
  • Hotel system interfaces
  • Online ordering
  • Plus many more…


Why Choose Maitre'D POS

1. Everything you need to manage your business

  • Point-of-sale (for any type of operation)
  • Fully integrated Kitchen Video Display
  • Complete Back-Office and reporting
  • Enterprise Solutions

2. Return on investment (ROI)

Our POS solutions are built on the premise of helping our customers make more money. IT investments are all about the ROI, so we focus on adding features that ultimately benefit your bottom line. Download our whitepaper: Keeping ROI on Track: Six mistakes to avoid when buying POS

3. 20,000 customers worldwide

Maitre’D is a tried and tested solution with many years of experience.

4. Fully scalable software that is easy to integrate & interface

Maitre’D’s system architecture is built on a SQL platform, making it very easy to interface or integrate your existing IT solutions.

5. PA-DSS Compliant and EMV Compatible

Maitre’D solutions are PA-DSS compliant and EMV compatible. We also support other regulations, such as fiscal printers for different states and countries around the world.

6. Maitre’D resellers are certified

Maitre’D only recruits experienced resellers that place the utmost importance on customer service. More than 100+ active resellers around the world have been trained and certified to provide first class service on our POS solutions.

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Quick Service Restaurants

Table Service Restaurants

Bar and Nightclubs

Multi-location Chains


Other Hospitality Segments

DataBoard Mobile Application

DataBoard Mobile Application

Real-time reports and alerts

Our DataBoard app allows you to monitor and proactively manage your business, whether remotely, or on site.

Keep a close eye on sales, customer counts, voids, labor, costs and promotions, and compare with historical data to see how you’re doing.



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DataBoard — Advanced Reporting

Access a wealth of real-time information and current-day reports directly on a mobile phone or tablet, and sent by email directly to your inbox.


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GDPR Compliance

For more information on how Maitre’D and Posera are GDPR Compliant, please visit: www.posera.com/gdpr-compliance 

Download The Posera GDPR Handbook

NF525 Certification

NF525 Point Of Sale (POS) Certification in France

The NF Point of Sales software certification is an open certification process dedicated to POS manufacturers. It defines the features and terms of your software. It demonstrates conclusively and impartial quality and compliance of your products. A certified product NF 525 means that:

  • The supplier has created the software product with all requirements of quality based on the international standard ISO 9001, relating to methods of testing and product validation, after-sale support and ensuring the sustainability of the product.
  • The product has a level of quality that meets the requirements of ISO / IEC 25051. It performs the functions specified in the product description and documentation of use, and the test documentation.
  • Software requirements for POS system focus on compliance with new legal regulations concerning recording and archiving process for tax authorities and the required documentation relating to accounting software and cash management systems and security offered by these products.


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