The multi-location integration module enables Maitre’D to talk directly with your property management software. It helps your food and beverage team eliminate posting errors by allowing your servers to close checks out directly to a room in real time, verify charging privileges on the room, and automatically handle service fees and gratuity for room service.

What We Offer

Real Time Communication With Your PMS.

  • Servers can verify a name and credit available to a room in real time from the POS.
  • Close out guest checks to their rooms.
  • Print guest information on the guest check.
  • Detailed information sent to your PMS, including itemized checks, tips and service charge amounts.


Support for Muliple PMS Sytems and Communication Interfaces.

  • Supports for the PMS industry leaders:
    Opera, Micros, OnQ, Choice, Best Western Star 3, DSE HMS, Gammix, GuestView, Hilton HPMS-1 & 2, HIS, Holiex, Host PMS, Hotello, Hotelsoft, Hotix, IGS, Imagine, Innsite, Inn Systems, Inntech, Landmark, Marriott, MSI, NCR, NovaPlus, Resort System, Qantel, System 21 and More!
  • Support for both IP communications and RS-232.


Maitre’D’s full suite of hospitality software at your disposal. Tailor your package to fit your property’s needs.

  • Support for multiple Revenue Centers off one consolidated back office.
  • Cloud based enterprise reporting solutions.
  • Full suite of reports.
  • Supports full table service, quick service, room service, bars, banquet rooms and more. All broken out in your reports and reported to your PMS software in their respected categories.

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