A Point-of-Sale Solution for Today’s Hotels

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, today’s hotel guests have high expectations. They want seamless and engaging experiences across the physical and digital worlds. They value mobility and convenience. And they expect their needs to be met with fast, reliable and transparent service.

Those are daunting challenges at the individual property level. They become even more complex across a hospitality enterprise. That’s especially true for hotels that rely on point-of-sale systems that are difficult to upgrade, maintain and integrate with other IT platforms.

Maitre’D provides a compelling alternative. The solution has a long track record of proven performance in some of Europe’s largest and most successful hotels. Now it’s certified and available to hospitality companies across North America. Discover why Maitre’D stands out and how it can help strengthen your hotel’s competitive advantage.

Why Choose Maitre’D for Your Hotel

Maitre’D does more than facilitate sales. Its distinctive capabilities empower you to tackle some of your most important goals. Among them:

buffet icon for hotel POS pageBetter guest experience

Your guests will appreciate the way Maitre’D supports mobile payments throughout your property. They’ll also value its ability to incorporate details for every transaction into guest folios. Whether guests are shopping in a gift store, ordering room service or grabbing drinks in the lounge, purchase details are collected and itemized in Maitre’D and then linked with your PMS. In addition, Maitre’D has integrations with many loyalty programs to help build your local presence and enable appropriate levels of service to your most valued guests.

Better employee experiencechef icon for hotel POS page

Maitre’D makes it easy to tailor the ordering process. Customize the process by property or even for each food, beverage or shopping venue within a hotel. Maitre’D works the way you work, not the other way around. From room service attendants to restaurant servers, your employees will learn the system quickly and easily.

clib board icon for hotel POS pageEnterprise view

Just as your guests appreciate a comprehensive view of their activity, your business benefits when you can aggregate and analyze data across your enterprise. Maitre’D captures data in the cloud and transforms it into insights about your properties. Delivered via Maitre’D Databoard, these insights are invaluable as you work to identify guest trends, operational bottlenecks and other opportunities to improve service and efficiency within and across your locations.

Support and Costs You Can Count OnWallet icon for hotel POS page

For Posera, hospitality isn’t just our client base. It’s our way of doing business. From the first call through ongoing system operation, customers of Maitre’D benefit from our highly responsive and reliable support.

What’s more, Posera makes it simple to lock in your total cost of ownership for up to five years. This approach helps eliminate surprises around growing hardware, software and support costs. The bottom line? Maitre’D is a point-of-sale solution that your hotel’s CIO and CFO will agree on.

Features and Benefits for Your Hotel

waiter with vest icon for hotel POS pageLabor Management: Streamline hotel staff management

Maitre’D Labor Management gives you a “this-instant-accurate” window into labor costs at the individual hotel level or across multiple properties. It ensures employee documents are accurate and compliant. It’s also the simplest way to schedule staff.

Employees clock in on any Maitre’D workstation, and the system manages breaks automatically, including preventing early clock-ins. Color-coded scheduling graphs show whether you’re understaffed or overstaffed for a given week. And, time and attendance information an be exported to third-party payroll processes.

Table Management: Track tables with easetable and chairs icon for hotel POS page

Maitre’D Table Management puts complete table control in the hands of your restaurant staff and management. Your greeting staff knows at a glance which tables are open, with server assignments clearly displayed by color codes. All the while, a status system tracks each table so you can see that tables are being served according to the standards you set.  

fork and knife icon for hotel POS pageDataboard for Devices: See critical information anytime, anywhere

Maitre’D Databoard turns any smartphone or mobile device into a complete operations dashboard. Use it to summarize the current status of your hotel’s sales, staff, labor cost percentage, voids and promotions. Want to know more? Just drill down. Analyze sales in your gift shop. Spot trends in item popularity across your on-site eateries. Set alert thresholds for voided transactions. And automate notifications when a property hits its monthly quota.

Inventory Management: Transform portion, pilfering and pricing controlclib board icon for hotel POS page

Maitre’D Inventory Management tracks stock levels, alerting you when ingredients or supplies reach your minimum level. It measures ingredient usage against sales to watch for waste and theft. If you have multiple storerooms, you’ll easily requisition and track inventory from one location to another. Maitre’D also makes it easier to accurately calculate high-margin items and optimize pricing for low-margin goods. Maitre’D Inventory Management even handles ordering. It searches all of your suppliers for the best price, generates POs and sends the information to your accounting system.

utensils icon for hotel POS pageMobile Ordering: Deliver a better digital experience

Today’s hotel guests are digital consumers who want the option of using mobile devices to interact with your hotel before and during their stay. Maitre’D mobile ordering fully integrates with the POS, so data about every order becomes part of your hotel’s overall business and marketing analytics.

Maitre’D doesn’t just take orders; it also sells for you. You can set up automatic upsell notices to promote upgraded side dishes or recommend a wine to complement an entrée. Or offer promotions, discounts and gifts automatically, depending on rules you set within the module. Deferred ordering, delivery zone mapping and more are also available through online ordering.

PMS Integrations: Take your PMS to new heightspage icon for hotel POS page

Maitre’D integrates with every major PMS across 16 revenue categories, including restaurant, bar, room service, banquet, conference room and many others. When a transaction is completed, there are no manual steps involved with ensuring that the correct and detailed amount is reported to the PMS so it can be charged at checkout.

With Maitre’D integrated with your PMS, all the knowledge stored in your POS is instantly available to the PMS, and ready to be integrated into your most complex and strategic analyses. This level of data sharing fuels better insights and better performance across staff scheduling, inventory optimization, promotion targeting and much more.

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