Kitchen Communications: Ready for a Cleanup?

Kitchen display system and bump box by Posera

From quick service to fine dining, it’s a common kitchen scene: a rack cluttered with orders on paper.

In some establishments, servers scribble orders on a pad. In others, kitchen staff make their own notes based on what’s transmitted through a microphone system. Still others have invested in point-of-sale systems. Yet they haven’t fully integrated the back of the house, requiring use of kitchen printers to produce hard-copy instructions.

What these kitchens have in common is reliance on paper that can be tough to read, easy to misplace and nearly impossible to analyze.

Purge the paper

If your kitchen is still engaged in the “paper chase,” you’re missing some important opportunities: To enhance order speed and accuracy. To drive operational efficiency. And to improve the experience you deliver to your staff and your patrons.

You might assume that higher-tech options are too expensive, complicated to install and maintain, or unable to accommodate your kitchen’s ways of working. And while that may have been true in the past, that is no longer the case.

Now available as a standalone solution, the Kitchen Display System (KDS) by Posera interfaces with virtually any existing POS system. And it delivers three advantages essential to purging paper and “cleaning up” kitchen communications.

Clarity: Share, see, serve

With KDS, your kitchen staff can see details of every order in clear, legible type on up to 10 monitors throughout your kitchen. Color-coding helps them visualize standard items versus special additions and deletions. For multi-part orders, you can even send instructions to the appropriate staff at the appropriate time. And, the 20-key bump box holds up to 100 orders, helping staff manage workflow more effectively.

Clear, reliable communication helps improve accuracy and speed in preparing and delivering food to your customers. It also boosts morale in the kitchen while enhancing guest and staff experience in the front of house.

Flexibility: Features that fit

In addition to being a proven and reliable product, KDS is feature rich and flexible. It’s easy to adapt the displays to your menu, your operations and your preferences.

Choose from 35 different screen display modes, including split screens and summary screens. Pick the font type, size and color that works best for your kitchen. You can even upload customer-facing promotional visuals to appear as a screen saver when the KDS display isn’t in use.

KDS also serves up average customer wait times to your kitchen staff. And, it electronically captures data that you can export and analyze to identify emerging trends and chances to improve service.

Insist on flexible features that empower you to fuel the organization, productivity and efficiency of your kitchen.

Cost-effective: A smart investment

You won’t be able to clean up kitchen communications simply by purchasing new kitchen printers. Yet a better approach doesn’t have to break the bank.

Investing in KDS requires two fixed, one-time costs—a perpetual license and flat screen monitor(s)—plus a small monthly service fee to keep your software current. By contrast, kitchen printers fuel ongoing costs for paper and ribbons. What’s more, the kitchen setting results in significant wear and tear on printers, driving the need for frequent repurchases.

After just four years, the cost of printing can be more than triple an upfront investment in KDS. That ROI doesn’t even consider harder-to-quantify benefits like higher efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

Get started today

In a world where we deposit checks, book travel and buy virtually anything from electronic devices, why should kitchens still count on paper? Put your kitchen on a fast track to better communications and better performance with KDS.