Posera boasts years of experience in powering every aspect of Hospitality operations. We offer purpose-built solutions, and we develop, sell and support the most powerful and widely-used full-featured hospitality POS systems in the world.


 Here's a quick rundown of our portfolio.

 Hospitality POS Solutions |Pay At The Table and Processing| Drive Thru Order Confirmation |

Customer Order Display Screens | Customer Self-Order Kiosk | Cash Registers |

Kitchen Video Systems | Labor Scheduler | Mobility | Video Surveillance


Hospitality POS Solutions 

Posera offers a range of full-featured, end-to-end POS solutions for the hospitality market. Our solutions are completely customizable, and our all-in-one solutions extend to complete back-office functionality and reporting, enterprise solutions, and mobile apps, all developed by Posera. Our solutions work on virtually any hardware and operating system, so that you have the freedom to choose, or mix and match to better meet your organizational needs and budget.

FingerPrints POS is specifically built for quick service restaurants, and offers customizable screens and screen layout for greater efficiency and speed of service. FingerPrints Interfaces with a wide variety of peripheral devices including Coin Dispensers, Printers, Bar Code Scanners and DVR security solutions with text overlay.

  • Works on many different hardware platforms
  • Integrates with PCI and EMV compliant payment solutions
  • QSR Solution for any sized restaurant chain

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Maitre’D offers a feature-rich hospitality POS solution, and can be customized to meet the needs of any segment and any size business in the hospitality industry. Maitre’D is hardware agnostic, and provides an end-to-end solution, including Back-Office, mobile applications, and a web-based enterprise solution. Visit to learn more.


Pay at the Table


SecureTablePlay is a universal middleware platform that provides state of the art wireless EMV processing right at the table. With a proven track record of over one thousand installations and counting. Bring security and EMV processing to your point of sale software.

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Payment Processing


Posera’s payment processing solutions are certified PCI-compliant, and EMV compliant for secure transaction processing. Posera offers innovative payment solutions ranging from in-store and wireless transaction processing, to online merchant accounts. Our simple, transparent billing premise means that there are never any hidden fees. Visit to learn more.


Drive Thru Order Confirmation

Drive thru order accuracy breaks down when the order isn't heard correctly. Posera provides a range of drive-thru order confirmation systems that ensure every order is right the first time. They display the order to the customer, ensuring that there are no mistakes at the window that delay lines and disrupt the kitchen.

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Customer Order Display Screens

Bring the same convenience and accuracy of drive thru confirmation to your point of purchase. Posera's Customer Order Displays show your customers exactly what they're ordering as the counter staff enters the order. They increase line speed by eliminating errors. More than that, the visual display entices customers to upgrade and add items to orders. And while you have the customer's attention, you can promote gift cards, loyalty and specials while they're waiting for their meal.

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Customer Self-Order Kiosk

Manage your peak periods, and provide additional convenience all the time, with a range of freestanding self-order kiosks. Posera kiosks work on a wide variety of tier-one harware from multiple manufacturers. Placed in any convenient spot, they give customers a fast-lane ordering option from a clear and easy-to-use digital menu. It helps to ensure the accuracy of orders, accelerate line speed and increase the average check amount.

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Cash Registers

We carry a variety of Casio registers for all uses and price points. The SE line up is great entry level register, there are four different SE models to choose from that can address your unique needs and price point. For those looking for a little more functionality our mid-range TE and TK line up has you covered. If you need a more innovative option, our high end option provides a touch screen register. The V-R100 is the 1st all in one Android POS solution. Contact us to learn more.

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Kitchen Video Systems

Get orders to the kitchen faster and ensure they're prepared more accurately by displaying them on kitchen monitors. Look to Posera for LCD monitors that fit any kitchen layout - from 10.1" all the way to 43". Display ingredients, cooking instructions and pictures of the prepared meal. Combine them with tablets on the floor and you'll eliminate a lot of wasted server time. And it's a perfect way for expediters to both manage and finish the plating.

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Labor Scheduler

Track and optimize your staff scheduling with our Staff Scheduling solution. Hosted in our Cloud, the web based solution is available to you from anywhere in the world, and on any device. Use it to create absolutely precise staffing schedules and lower the cost of downtime and wasted labor. Match staff availability to preferred scheduling, peak sales times, seasonal patterns, and regional and national regulations. You'll also increase the accuracy of your reporting, including labor costs, sales analyses by individual, shift or time-of-day, and more.

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Posera offers a range of mobile applications to help you serve more customers faster, manage and monitor operations remotely, and view reports on your smart phone. Use Mobile POS solutions to help with line busting in a fast food environment, or turn over more tables and increase average check amount in table service operations.

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Video Surveillance

Keep your premises secure and your employees on the ball with Posera Digital Video Recording and Network Video Recording Systems. Our security cameras have embedded DVR/NVR management systems, which make things simple and easy to control. You can view your video feeds from anywhere, including mobile devices. Use 360 degree panoramic, pan-tilt-zoom, and hidden views. Posera's surveillance systems reduce workplace and slip-and-fall injury claims, decrease loss from theft and deter inappropriate employee behavior.

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Have It All


Posera develops one of the most popular and widely used full-featured point of sale systems in the world. Right now, more than 25,000 restaurants - from single-register QSRs to chains with hundreds of restaurants - rely on our POS solutions to deliver all of the functionality they need to drive profitability. Menu creation and management. Inventory automation. Labor management. Advanced forecasting. Online and drive thru ordering. Gift and loyalty programs. Fully customizable reporting. Mobile order taking. Kitchen monitors.


The list goes on and on.


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