Why you need a kitchen display system for your restaurant

KDS by Posera, a kitchen display system, is an ordering and information screen based in the heart of your kitchen restaurant that increases speed and efficiency while eliminating some of the more frustrating elements of using a basic order printer.

Kitchen display systems are quickly becoming an essential part of modern restaurants, especially quick service environments where the business models are all centered around serving customers quickly with as few errors as humanly possible.

The combination of using a point of sale software equipped with a kitchen display system is indeed a revelation for your restaurant. Once integrated, the orders placed into your point of sale will automatically get updated in the kitchen display system where your kitchen staff can see everything at a quick glance in an organized manner. Often even separated by station!

More features?

  • The kitchen display system retains all the order information which saves staff time and duplicating order entry.
  • A mobile point of sale can be integrated into your kitchen display system and allow you to take orders directly from guests’ at the table which will automatically update back to the kitchen.
  • Kitchen display systems also help reduce wastage in your restaurant which eventually brings down the overall cost of food.

With fewer hassles and confusion for your kitchen and waitstaff, the customer satisfaction is sure to increase!

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