protel and Posera Announce an Integration of Cloud Property Management System and Maitre’D Point-of-Sale Solution to Power Hotel Operations

Atlanta and Montreal— November 21 —protel, provider of cloud-based advanced hospitality systems, and Posera, a global leader of hospitality industry software, announce the integration of protel’s property management system (PMS) and the Maitre’D point-of-sale solution (POS), offering hoteliers a best-in-class, complete property management solution.

protel and Posera have developed a two-way interfacing system, creating a powerful and flexible management platform which allows free communication within a complex hospitality framework. Hospitality properties can communicate guest and billing information through protel’s innovative cloud PMS, protel’s Enterprise Hospitality Platform, and food and beverage venues through the feature-rich Maitre’D POS, instantaneously reconciling sales data and consolidating sales reporting across the property or property group.

In recent years, Posera has developed PMS interface APIs for its Maitre’D POS and successfully answered the increasing demand of hotels and other types of hospitality properties for a holistic view of every aspect of an operation. Maitre’D POS supports all facets of a hotel’s F&B operations in thousands of properties across dozens of countries. Maitre’D integrates with PMS systems across 16 revenue categories and includes a user-friendly modular back-office for instantaneous menu updating, employee management, and real-time cloud reporting.

protel’s PMS is built upon its Enterprise Hospitality Platform technology, protel.IO, and is one of the world’s most dynamic and future-proof property management systems. The PMS platform is designed for flexibility and scalability, making it easy for hotels to implement new initiatives and enabling them to continuously improve the guest experience using system speed, functionality, and efficiency.

“Partnering with protel, a powerful PMS solution with a strong presence in the European market, allows us to provide hotels, a complex ecosystem, a 360-degree view of operations,” said Dan Poirier, Posera’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our integrated solution helps hotels best position themselves for today’s competitive environment, including maximizing employee productivity, capturing significant operating cost efficiencies, while bolstering business and guest loyalty.”

“As protel continues its expansion into the North American market, we are thrilled to partner with Posera and its state-of-the-art Maitre’D product,” said Christopher McKenzie, Director of Sales North America at protel. “protel understands very well the delicate range of requirements that hotel properties demand, and we always aim to provide our 14,000 plus customers around the globe with all the tools they need for success. Together with Posera’s Maitre’D system, we built an integration that allows hoteliers to have a complete and robust management solution.”

“The Hotel sector is an important part of Posera’s growth strategy, and integrations with property management providers give Maitre’D a significant competitive advantage,” said Akash Sahai, EVP Strategy and Business Development. “The partnership with protel, an especially prominent PMS provider, only strengthens this Maitre’D competitive differentiator, and allows us to turn the operating challenges of hotels into opportunities for Posera.”


About protel

protel offers technology and service solutions specifically and exclusively for the hospitality industry. The consistent focus on the needs of a single industry makes us one of the most experienced and successful providers of advanced property management systems (PMS). Whatever the requirements, whether installed on-site, web-based in the Cloud, or as a hybrid solution, our flexible and scalable software solutions cover the full industry spectrum, from small independent hotels to multinational hotel chains. Founded in 1994, protel hotel software GmbH operates under the leadership of managing partners Ingo Dignas and Manfred Osthues. With headquarters located in Dortmund, Germany, branch offices in Berlin, Vienna, Austria, and Atlanta, USA, plus a dense network of partner companies working in close cooperation, protel enjoys a worldwide presence. In over 93 countries, hotels and hotel management schools around the world attest to protel’s high- level expertise and reliability, a third of them using protel Cloud Solutions.

About Posera

Posera has been a leading provider of hospitality technology solutions for over 30 years. Posera’s technology suite manages all aspects of hospitality industry merchant operations.

Posera’s full-service solutions include Maitre’D, a point-of-sale system, a robust and comprehensive system that include hardware integration services, merchant staff training, system installation services, post-sale software and hardware customer support; and KDS (Kitchen Display System), a stand-alone kitchen display and monitor that facilitates kitchen management. Posera’s solutions are deployed globally across the full spectrum of restaurants, from large chains and independent table service restaurants to international quick service chains, and its products have been translated into eight languages.

Posera Ltd.’s shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “PAY”.

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