KDS is now available directly through Posera and meeting the needs of both full service and quick service restaurants.

Why Choose KDS by Posera

The KDS (Kitchen Display System) is designed specifically for both the fast-food industry and fine dining.

A common trouble spot in a typical operation is the failure to relay the orders to kitchen staff in a timely and accurate manner.  Micro-phone systems and remote kitchen printers have been employed to help minimize the problems associated with order entry.

Microphone systems rely heavily on the ability of the kitchen staff to remember both the quantities and details of all pending orders, a formidable task.

Kitchen printing devices do deliver an increased level of accuracy, but inevitably require one worker to read the order to the others, a time consuming method.

In recent years many of the larger chains have chosen kitchen display systems, as opposed to hardcopy printing devices.  These operators have become aware of the increased throughput that the video network makes possible.

We at Posera have designed what we believe to be the most comprehensive, cost effective and efficient monitor system available from any vendor…  The KDS system is designed with the need for simplicity and ease of operation in mind.

The KDS implements a unique system utilizing COLOR in the displayed orders.  This simplifies the preparation task and decreases average prep time.  Normal menu items display in WHITE, additions to the items in GREEN, and deletions from the items in RED.  Additionally, special menu items may be programmed to display in YELLOW and message items can be displayed in BLUE, CYAN, or VIOLET, allowing accurate visual portrayal of any order.

This leads us to another KDS advantage… LEGIBILITY.  All KDS monitors can be operated with a choice of font sizes from 6 to 20 points.  This greatly increases the distance that the orders can be easily viewed.  Another benefit is that the restaurant operator will usually need fewer monitors, compared with existing systems.


Download the Flyer: KDS by Posera

Download the One Pager: KDS One Pager

Download the Whitepaper: The Battle for ROI: Kitchen Display System vs. Kitchen Printer


  • DT Research DT166
  • Win CE 5.0 or Windows 10 LTSB
  • UL Listed and certified

  • Support for up to 10 KDS devices, monitors can be standard LCD or wide screen formats
  • Supports USB touch screens
  • USB rail mount 10×2 bump box

  • An optional stainless steel mounting bracket is available for the bump box

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