Culinary School Software: Take your career to the next level

So, Gordon Ramsay inspired you to become a chef. Or maybe watching the Food Network every night the past few years stirred the cooking passion lurking deep within you. Whatever motivated you to become a chef, you should know that the career will be intense, involve long days, and test the last fiber of your patience.

It will also require you to graduate from culinary school.

The Role Software Plays at Culinary School

Attending culinary school used to be a 100% hands-on experience that required students to attend daily classes, much like students do at other types of institutions of higher learning. However, software designed for culinary students not only better prepares you for a career as a chef, the software also gives you optimal scheduling flexibility to work off some of your student expenses.

Demonstration Software

In old school culinary classes, the instructor conducts a cooking seminar that you get to see one time. If you didn’t commit the seminar to memory, some of the techniques used to cook a meal could disappear from your learning radar. Cooking demonstration software allows culinary students to watch the same cooking techniques over and over until they master each technique. Of course, nothing beats mastering a cooking technique in the classroom, but by watching demonstrations, culinary students have a much better chance of grasping difficult cooking techniques.

Master the Business of Running a Kitchen

Long gone are the days of tracking commercial kitchen inventory by using a clipboard. Yes, some kitchens still count products by pen or pencil, but culinary software will help you learn how to use a personal digital assistant (PDA) to ensure an accurate inventory count. Here are some other business elements of running a kitchen that culinary school software can teach you.

  • Track food costs via automated tools
  • Compare vendor prices and terms of service
  • Operate a database that contains more than 2,000 ingredients
  • Customize revenue and expenses reports by daypart
  • Monitor sales and purchases
  • Stay on top of labor costs

Perhaps the greatest business benefit of culinary school software is that it is presented in a large number of different languages.

Food Safety

Food safety is an integral part of any culinary education, and culinary school software that teaches the principles of food safety allows students to learn the principles at their own pace. Many food safety software programs are presented in modules, with tests after each module providing insight into what you know and what you need to focus on to ensure a food-safe commercial kitchen. You might be able to receive a ServeSafe food safety certification by using culinary school software.

Online Learning

To cut costs and improve learning efficiency, a growing number of culinary schools have turned to software for online teaching sessions. This allows students to learn at their own pace from the comfort of their homes. The best culinary schools seamlessly blend classroom teaching with online learning sessions.

Culinary school software is here to stay. Take advantage of it, as you embark on your career as a talented chef.