Q:Will Posera products work with my existing hardware?

A:Most Posera products are hardware agnostic. Our software solutions integrate with the most commonly used hardware in the hospitality industry.

Q:Do you offer phone or email 24/7 support?

A:Posera's support is 24/7, 365 days a year.

Q:Do you offer tailored training packages?

A:Posera offers training packages customized to your business including initial installation, training documentation and 24/7 support to handle your needs.

Q:Do you offer full installation?

A:Posera will design your custom database, install hardware, train your staff and management and be there to help you with "Go Live".

Q:Do Posera products work on iPads or tablets?

A:Posera products work with iOS®, Android® and any Windows® based tablet solution.

Q:What integrations are available for Posera products?

A:Posera products integrate with many major industry leaders in hotel interfaces, loyalty programs, online ordering, camera systems, order confirmation screens, credit card processors, EMV hardware, retirement center software, accounting interfaces, inventory solutions, and more.

Q:Where can I find information on your pricing?

A:For pricing, please contact us at sales@posera.com.

Q:Does Posera offer cloud-based reporting?

A:Posera offers cloud-based reporting solutions for the hospitality industry.

Q:Which countries do you serve?

A:Posera has corporate offices in Canada, USA and Europe. Our global reach is enhanced by an international dealer network.