Are Posera products right for my type of business?

We offer customized solutions for a wide range of clients in the hospitality industry! Our current customer base includes: full service restaurants, quick service restaurants, retail shops, retirement centers, hotels, casinos, food trucks, coffee shops, pizzerias, stadiums, bars, night clubs, boutiques, bakeries, cafes, drive-thru's, frozen yogurt shops, grocery stores, salons, wineries, movie theatres, car washes, and non-profits.



What hospitality solutions does Posera offer?

Posera offers multiple solutions based on the needs of your business. We offer point of sale software options, labor and inventory management software, pay at the table credit card processing solutions, kitchen video displays, drive through order confirmation, security cameras, order confirmation screens, self ordering kiosks, and mobility solutions.

Maitre'D is our point of sale product that offers a feature-rich hospitality POS solution, and can be customized to meet the needs of any segment and any size business in the hospitality industry. 

FingerPrints POS is specifically built for quick service restaurants, and offers customizable screens and screen layout for greater efficiency and speed of service. 

SecureTablePay is our universal EMV certified Pay at the Table solution for full service restaurants.

KDS by Posera is a kitchen video display system that meets the needs of both full service and quick service restaraunts. Customizable to the environment it is placed in. Classic bump bars or touch screen options are available. 



Will Posera products work with my existing hardware? 

Yes! Posera's products are hardware agnostic. We make it a point to certify our software solutions with the most commonly used hardware in the hospitality industry. If you decide to move forward with our products, feel at ease knowing that your existing hardware investment is protected. 


Can I stick with my current merchant processor?

You sure can. Posera does not tie you down to a single payment processor. Choose the best processing partner for your business needs.


How much training will be required for my staff?

We consider our clients as partners in the hospitality industry. We will make sure that you and your staff get adequate training. We also offer staff training after the initial installation, training documentation, and 24/7 support teams to handle your questions. Depending on the software package and the business itself, staff training can take as little as 1 hour before you can start making sales. 



Do you offer full installation?

Yes! Our account managers will handle everything. We will work with you to create the right software package to meet your needs. We can design your custom database, install hardware, train your staff and management, be there to help you with "Go Live" and follow up on any additional needs. We consider our clients as partners, your success is our success and we will be there for you. 


Do Posera products work on iPads or tablets?

Our products work with iOS®, Android® and any Windows® based tablet solution. 


Do you offer phone or email support 24/7?

Our phone support is 24/7, 365 days a year. With offices in Canada, the UK and the USA we provide support for our direct customers as well as to our dealers around the world.  Support is centrally managed with technicians that understand the challenges of the hospitality industry where every minute an issue persists means money lost. 


What integrations are available for Posera products?

Our products are certified to integrate with thousands of partners and we are adding more every day. We integrate with all the major industry leaders in hotel interfaces, loyalty programs, online ordering, camera systems, order confirmation screens, credit card processors, EMV hardware, retirement center software, accounting interfaces, inventory solutions, and more. Chances are we integrate with what you need, and if we don't we will add it to our list. 


Where can I find information on your pricing?

For pricing, please contact us at sales@posera.com and we will make sure you get the information that you need. 


Are Posera products cloud-based?

Posera offers cloud solutions based on the enviroment. The hospitality industry is a demanding one that can't afford any downtime and that means we offer both traditional local server based as well as cloud solutions. 


Which countries do you serve?

Posera is a global brand. With corporate offices in Canada, the USA and Europe and a global dealer network, we have you covered. Our products can be found installed on every continent on the planet, except Antartica. Our clients range from major global brands right down to mom and pop run businesses. 

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