Texting in a restaurant to communicate to POS

Run a Restaurant More Efficiently with Text Messaging

As someone who runs a restaurant, did you know that there is an exciting new way to reach your customers? It’s something you’ve probably personally checked a dozen times today, and that’s text messaging! When you are able to text your customers directly, you can bring your marketing to the …

Kitchen display system and bump box by Posera

Kitchen Communications: Ready for a Cleanup?

From quick service to fine dining, it’s a common kitchen scene: a rack cluttered with orders on paper. In some establishments, servers scribble orders on a pad. In others, kitchen staff make their own notes based on what’s transmitted through a microphone system. Still others have invested in point-of-sale systems. …

Shift4 and Posera at HITEC

Huge Success at HITEC 2017!

Thank you to everyone who came out to HITEC 2017 in Toronto, ON, Canada. It was a pleasure to meet with clients and partners like Shift4, First Data, Ingenico and many more.

Posera at the top of Kilimanjaro mountain blog post

Posera at the Top of Mount Kilimanjaro!

Posera, a proud sponsor of the Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation, found itself at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro! Read all about the cause here: https://thcf.akaraisin.com/Pledge/Event/GroupsList.aspx?seid=12115&mid=83    

blog post by posera

Lure in Diners with Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is exploding across the globe. It may be a short term summer 2016 fad or it could turn into a long term widely played social media game with a dedicated user base. Either way, entrepreneurs are already finding ways to bring Pokémon Go players into their bars and …

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